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Seamless, systematic, and efficient. WE ARE YOUR GATEWAY TO UNLOCKING NEW POTENTIALS!


  • You first decide WHO in your sales team should be supported by making appointments and which topic should be placed on the market.

  • We accompany you during a briefing in terms of addressing and benefit arguments.

  • You make your market available in the form of addresses.

  • We introduce you to your future assistants, who will then be assigned to your campaign.

  • We telephone on your behalf and generate the responsible contact person.

  • We arrange route-optimized appointments in the time window specified by you.

  • Complete post-processing of your appointments: We take care of your reminders, appointments and appointment postponements

  • If we have arranged an appointment for you, we will confirm this in writing

  • Daily updated overview of your agreed appointments

  • We maintain and expand your target customer database

  • Your sales focus more on maintaining contacts

  • Your sales gets a better customer relationship faster

  • Your sales will become more efficient

  • Tedious appointment preparations are no longer necessary

  • Higher order rates because your sales department spends more time with potential customers

  • A sales talk where you can introduce yourself, your company and your products and services.

  • Discussions with the right contact person at a company in your target customer market.

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